summer inspiration: minimal outdoor spaces

After returning from my vacation in the South of France and Switzerland, I am already having withdrawals! European beaches and the mountains have a completely soothing effect on me. It’s there that I can unwind, relax, renew and focus again on life’s simple pleasures. How can it be that summer is nearing its end? I love this time of year. Everything seems to move at a slower pace — even if only for a month or two — as people jet off to far-away places and offices close early for “summer hours.” Hectic gets replaced with cool, calm and a sense of casualness. We also tend to move more activities to the outdoors, whether it’s at the beach or our own backyards, like riding bikes or grilling with friends. Enjoying these simple pleasures, surrounded by nature, is something we are passionate about at thinkpure. We believe in the beauty of simplicity — and nothing can be more simple than nature! These wonderfully minimal outdoor spaces, curated from global locations on Pinterest, pay homage to nature in the most sophisticated of ways. Whether it’s a crisp, clean palette of white or an infinity pool stretching into a rainforest, these images keep me freshly inspired for this season of slowing down. I want to savor every moment of these last days of summer….











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